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Past Lives this modern world, people are bit wondering as well as curious. They are filled with lot of questions like


Is there any life before this present life ?

If so then how can we visit those life times?

How many lives would one would have had before?

Is there theories, philosophies that supports this?

What does the scientific world says?

How to believe this?


Many questions found arising and is continuous when one gives a thought about Past Life Regression. Past Life Regression is there from time immemorial as this supports the philosophy of KARMA and REINCARNATION of eastern philosophies as well as religion.


Past Life Regression is the most powerful process for one to arrive at a solution for many problems and challenges which are found unresolved after undergoing many other therapies and healing methods.


Regression is a process of one traveling back in time to relive their past moments those been experienced by them in this present life.


Many problems that the human being may face is because of unresolved issues which had been deeply ingrained in the deeper unconscious from past. These issues are experiences gone through by the person and still is hiding some where deep inside their mind. As the human grow physically even the mental abilities keep pace along with them, as this happens most of the time the mind understands the issues and come out with an understanding of the issues pending with the appropriate solution. This is a natural process of mind, there is no need for one to do anything during this process. If the emotions are deep then these are hidden from surfacing up in the sense is kept secretly deep inside.


These hidden emotions does not surface sooner but instead gives rise to lot of problems in health like psychosomatic diseases that props up for which the right cause cannot be traced out.


Some times emotional and mental problems surface because of which a person can become neurotic where they carry lot of fears and phobias within and they might feel confused, insecured, dont know what they can do further, patterns keep repeating, and they keep on searching everywhere for something to happen. These emotional and mental problems jeopardize the relation’s, like relation between husband and wife, with people in work environment, bussines etc. And also this can affect their relation with their relatives, friends etc.


Professional work and productivity will come down as the concentration and focus of the person is affected due to this deep hidden unresolved emotions.


Past Life Regression is also going back in time but here it is not just going back but FLYING BACK to the unresolved issues of experience with experienced and evolved regressionist, experienced by the experiencer where the emotions are unresolved and been quit by the person from that lifetime without resolving the issue then and there, in one or many of the previous life time. These unresolved issues and emotions are carried to this present life and creates havoc for them in this life time.


KARMA – “Action in Inaction”


Is an area where been accepted by almost all religions, This is found to be an essential cause for the present problems that one is undergoing or suffering.


Past Life Regression helps one to understand who is s/he and their Karma with the unresolved issues, moments, people, groups around. They also become aware of "What is that they are here to complete in this life time?" as this gives a tremendous understanding of the purpose of one’s life here in this earth.


Spiritually, Past Life Regression helps one to evolve more higher in the path of immortal souls to reach the higher dimensions. These will help one to realize the true potential with in.


Self Realization happens if you understand the true potential within.



Who Am I?


We say that the answer for this question is much easier and more effective in the way that Past Life regression can help you to understand that you are an IMMORTAL being.


True spiritual understanding is what your experience will be, as many has an tremendous transformation in their life and their complete outlook of the life had changed altogether after Past Life Regression.


Mortality is in mind. Thinking never leads to true realization but Past Life Regression will surely opens up the possibility of experiencing this truth for your self.


Unity, commonness, world with unconditional love, peace, harmony is the mantra and this is easier as one journey's back into their past life when one realizes in one life one been a Christian, in other Muslim and now a Hindu.


Past Life Regression helps you to realize your true nature and removes the dilemma or the illusion projected by mind. Calmness, Tranquility, Sereneness sets in.




Alright, how to travel into our past life?


Very simple there are many ways to visit our past lives. Many a times we do it, but most of the time one is not aware of the happenings that one is witnessing. One discards the information one experience as some thing weird things happened to them or as an irrational thought’s that popped up without their awareness.


Many a time one does not bother to have a rational understanding about their dreams that one is having. Many cases been reported of having a spontaneous understanding of them having a totally different experience when on visits a new place during their travel by accident or of their greatest desire by the unique attraction of the place.


Children have spontaneous recall of their past lives. Many cases been reported by Ian Stevenson MD andbeen found to be true.


Present life cases carry marks, symbols on their physical body in this life time which been caused in their past life.


Past Life Regression is definitely as bridge between the scientific and spiritual understanding.


Past Life Regression is scientific to experience spiritual self within.


Enjoy your Past Lives, Relive those moments now with our most sought out

Workshops, Therapies, Programs Seminars, Discourses.




Explore the deeper level of you pastlife ?

Find answer to many of you unresolved queries?

Experience the bliss and evolve high?


Questions are many and probably the choice for FREEDOM lies in you. Your choice for taking a HYPNOTHERAPY session will give you effective results and which if continued based on the suggestions made by the therapist will give you FREEDOM, RELIEF from your problems.


What is Past Life?


In Indian philosophy you would have heard about“ PURVA JANMA” yes past life is life at some time prior to this present life that you / we are in. “REINCARNATION” is the term used widely.


How many past lifeare there?


There may be many and may be one this is explored in past life regression


How one can access Past Life?

Just answer this question,


What you did with you first salary?


Now some may remember what they bought, where they went etc and some may also remember what dress there were wearing, who are the other’s they were enjoying with etc. This information had happened long back and have you ever asked yourself how you can remember and recall.


Now the memories of past life.

One part of mind is known as subconscious mind and in this subconscious mind there is a area called primitive mind all memories of previous life times are available there.


What are the methods in accessing past life?


There are two types for accessing past life

a) Non Hypnotic techniques

b) Hypnotic techniques

Some Non hypnotic techniques arescrying, Dreams, Meditation, and others.

Hypnosis techniques where the subject allows him/ her self to dirft themselves to go deeper relaxing with the help of an therapist.


How IMPORTANT is Past Life Therapist ?


Experience which is based on handling various cases and who with his/ her knowledge of scientific proven methods and techniques helps one to undergo regression and guide the subject to effectively come out of their problems which is causing pain, disruption in relationship with their own self and with others etc.


What kind of problems can be worked with PLT?


Based on REINCARNATION this life is for a purpose to learn and evolve as this is the case many does not understand why they are suffering from irrational fears, phobia, anger, pain, grief, psychosomatic ailment etc. PLT is very much use full of uncovering the skills which the individual may carry with them. PLT helps to understand self better and understand well which evolves one from this level to a higher level.


How many session?


Absolutely depends on you the more you are wiling to explore the more easier you regress 1 to 3 session and most of the time subjects want to add more value so they take more session.


What if I get stuck in that life time?

In history of PLRT with the facilitator it is very easy and almost the possibility of staying inlife is nil.



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