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Key to Unlimited Power





Mind: The most powerful link between body and soul is still a big challenge for science to understand its amazing power and abilities. Hypno Mind Power is your first step to logically understand mind and experience its extraordinary power on your own. This practical life transforming program is for one to go deep into one’s deeper layers of mind to see, hear and feel the unlimited possibilities.


Complete thorough blend of Eastern philosophy, western science along with the metaphysics makes it an wonderful experience by one to experience.




HMP Level 1


Mind - Body

Reach ALPHA effortlessly

Program your subconscious for definite results, success

Heal self and others


Understand Thought Patterns & Emotions

Energy – Mind – Body Complex

Balance your traumatic memories, experiences, emotions, feelings from past


free and let go of your past baggage

Magnetize your mind

Thought Power

Manifest Desires

Attract Wealth, Health, Material Abundance and more…

Stepping to be a Healer

Become a creator of your destiny


HMP Level 2


    Advance Laws of universe

    Laws of Attracting Relationships


    Inner science within

    Anatomy and Physiology of Energy


    Theta Meditation – A powerful way to reach the state

    Healing essentials

    Energy Diagnosis, Removing, Energizing, Balancing

    Healing self, others, Home and Environment


    Be a powerful healer







Duration : 2 Levels : 2 Days


Timing: 9.30 Am to 5.30 Pm


Investment: Rs2500 + Rs3000


Dates: July 20,21 








Special offer for our earlier participants

Special price for repeaters

 HMP Manifestations Group - 2016




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